From this gallery you can view, share and order professional prints and photo gifts direct from the lab. ALL DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, DISCOUNTS AND GIFT CERTIFICATE CODES ARE IN THE EMAIL


> All print orders will get an extra edit by me before I approve them to go to the lab for print.

> Click on an image to select the size print you would like to buy. For more sizes and formats (canvas, metal etc.) click VISIT SHOP. Packages provide an automatic 5% discount.

> My favorite print finish is Kodak Metallic (has a slight silver finish with great color). If you can't decide on prints and you want to savor all of them, your best bet is to order a PHOTO BOOK that will include almost all of your photos.

If your session included digital images, please create a set if favorites or email me the file names. You can order additional digital images and download the files directly from the gallery. Please see directions for you to download your purchase before they expire.

Please keep in mind gallery and discount expiration dates and share the gallery link with your friends and family.

Follow me on Instagram @ourfamilyclicks and Facebook for special print discounts and session offers!

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This gallery will be available through August 01, 2024. Remind me again later