Hello Rebels! Each of you will receive an 8x10 Memory Mate Collage. If you would like to order additional images, visit the photo packages at online store. Thank you Columbine! GO REBELS!
MEMORY MATE SAMPLE LAXFREE FAMILY BOOK BY APRIL 27OFC CHS Glax_0021OFC CHS Glax_0024OFC CHS Glax_0026OFC CHS Glax_0024aOFC CHS Glax_0028OFC CHS Glax_0030OFC CHS Glax_0030aOFC CHS Glax_0033OFC CHS Glax_0040OFC CHS Glax_0034OFC CHS Glax_0042OFC CHS Glax_0040aOFC CHS Glax_0049OFC CHS Glax_0055OFC CHS Glax_0054OFC CHS Glax_0055aOFC CHS Glax_0060OFC CHS Glax_0062